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Four evidence of heroic resistance of Mariupol

Four evidence of heroic resistance of Mariupol

“Tell my mother: I’ve seen so much pain, but I’ll never break”

Military medic from Mariupol

In 2021 Mariupol city was
proclaimed the cultural capital of Ukraine. Now 95-98% of all buildings are destroyed by Russian bombings, according to President Zelenskyy.

While most of the city is already captured, the territory of the Azovstal plant and the people who stay there have become the symbol of Ukraine’s endurance and resistance. Among them are Azov Regiment, marines, law enforcement officers, border guards, and over 1,000 civilians, including the wounded and children, who have not seen sunlight for many weeks. 

Russians interfere with the normal evacuation, constantly shelling the city and storming it. 

Today Mariupol’s resistance is the resilience from the heart of every Ukrainian.


Mariupol’s resistance is children who hope to see the sun 

“We want to get out of here. We have been sitting here  [in the basements of Azovstal — ed.] for two months, and we want to see the sun,” says the boy who hides in the basement of Azovstal. “Here in the bomb shelter we have the light sometimes, but when our houses will be rebuilt, we will be able to live in peace. I wish Ukraine wins, because Ukraine is our home.”


Mariupol’s resistance is Ukrainian defenders

“While we are here, Mariupol is Ukraine. Mariupol is always Ukraine, no matter what anyone says,” these are the words of Sviatoslav Palamar, the deputy commander of Azov Regiment.

“We are always asked ‘How are you? Are you alright?’ Our soldiers with happiness and courage carry out orders and fight, keep the defense. […] We know that the longer the Regiment stays, the easier the situation is at the frontline and the more resources the enemy spends in this city. While our Ukrainian army will receive the necessary amount of weapons to adequately respond to Russia. We understand, but we hear: ‘Hold on.’ Just one question: how much longer?” 


Mariupol’s resistance is doctors who fight for people’s lives in inhumane conditions

“We are in a critical situation under constant shelling and bombing. The boys are starving and many are injured… Doctors operate day and night in rooms where it is impossible to even live normally, let alone surgery. Infusion solutions are almost over. Washed bed sheets serve as a material for bandages. The wounds begin to rot.There is no more time and therefore our hope is only for guaranteed green corridors or the departure of a third country.

Save the heroes who save the whole of Ukraine. Together — we are a force,” posted a military medic from Mariupol on his Instagram Page on April 27, 2022. 


Mariupol’s resistance is mothers who stay strong for the lives of their children

“We have been here [in the basements of Azovstal — ed.] since February 27, 2022. It seemed to us at that time that this was the safest place. We came here when our house has become no longer habitable because of the shellings. So we decided to move here and since February 27, 2022 we have been here permanently,” says the woman on the video posted by an Azov Regiment representative on April 23, 2022. “We need help because we are at the epicenter of events and we can’t get out of here. My child needs to be in a peaceful area, all the children in here whom we have a lot need to be evacuated. Every family worries about the life and health of her child. There is no single day when we hear silence, so as there is no shootings and our children are not afraid to even just go to the toilet.”

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