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6 reasons why Ukraine and Russia won’t reconcile

6 reasons why Ukraine and Russia won’t reconcile

As full-scale Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on for four months, a lot of conversations about possible ‘future reconciliation’ between countries are spreading. 

But in this war, there are no ‘two sides’ who need to negotiate and talk equally — there is one obvious enemy — Russia, who started the war and must be defeated. And it is the one and only way to stop the bloodshed. 

For Ukrainians, reconciliation between Ukraine and Russia is not even an option, and here are the reasons why:


Russia’s cruelty cannot be forgiven

There are no acceptable justifications for Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, killing and abuse of thousands of civilians, depriving Ukrainian children of parents and parents of children, occupying territories, demolishing whole cities from the face of the Earth, and ruining Ukraine’s economy.  Ukraine will not reconcile with its bully and pretend that none of this happened.


To reconcile you need remorse and acceptance

Most Russians have no regret about their soldiers’ actions in Ukraine. On the contrary, they are proud of their military who are committing war crimes. Russians are making souvenirs with ‘V’ and ‘Z’ letters, which are emblazoned on their military hardware. Moreover, according to the Levada survey, 83% of Russians approve of Putin’s actions. Ukraine will not reconcile with those, who take pride in bringing about destruction.  


Russia is an autocratic state

Putin and his regime are the instigators of this war. But there is no guarantee that the next president after Putin will not be as autocratic. For decades, people in Russia have grown under the influence of propaganda, so decades still need to pass to change their thinking. Ukrainians will never reconcile with the cause of their permanent suffering. 


History goes round and round

This war has not been going on for four months or eight years. This war has lasted hundreds of years, as Moscow tried to conquer and destroy Ukraine dozens of times. Russia’s war in Ukraine today is a continuation of its centuries-long imperialism. Ukraine will not reconcile with those who try to destroy it again and again.


Russia is a liar

Some politicians and experts called on Ukraine to negotiate with Russia and cede some territories to satisfy Russia’s appetite. But Ukrainians know better than anyone else that Russia’s words mean nothing. Russia does not adhere to international treaties, including the 1994 Budapest memorandum on Security Assurances, which prohibited Russia from threatening or using military force against Ukraine. Ukraine can’t trust someone, who betrayed it. 


Russia is threatening Ukraine’s future

Russia’s purpose in the war is to break the resilience of Ukrainians and force them to surrender, destroy them as a nation and as a country, do everything possible to deprive Ukraine of investments and destroy its economy, make its best people leave the country or die in hostilities. Ukraine can’t reconcile with someone, who doesn’t want it to exist.


Ukraine did not start this war, Ukraine did not want this war. There must be no calls on Ukraine to reconcile or surrender. The only way to end this war is Russia’s crushing defeat.



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