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95% of Ukrainians believe in victory over Russia

95% of Ukrainians believe in victory over Russia

One year after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, 95% of Ukrainians believe in their country’s victory over Russia. In January 2022, this number was 56%, according to the survey conducted by the Sociological Group “Rating.”
The majority of Ukrainians — 63% — believe that it takes at least half a year, or even more, to win.

According to the survey, the main emotion of Ukrainians when thinking about Ukraine is pride. As a result of the full-scale invasion and the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people, this indicator has more than doubled — from 34 to 75%.
In general, the war contributed to increasing the citizens’ trust in state institutions. The trust in the Armed Forces of Ukraine increased from 65 to 97% and in the President — from 36 to 90%.



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