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“A liberated Ukraine must join NATO to prevent another war”

“A liberated Ukraine must join NATO to prevent another war”

A liberated Ukraine should fully join the NATO alliance as well, together with all of the implied security guarantees, the Prime Minister of Latvia, Krišjānis Kariņš, writes in an open letter published by Financial Times.

According to Kariņš, these guarantees will be important not only for Ukraine but for all of Europe. “We cannot expect Russia’s leadership to change its course anytime soon. We can, however, ensure that whatever its intentions, it cannot start a new war against its European neighbors,” Kariņš said.

Also, he believes that in 2023, the European countries must formally open up EU accession negotiations with Ukraine. According to the Latvian Prime Minister, it will help strengthen the morale and resolve of the Ukrainian army and people, strengthen the purpose and pace of necessary reforms in Ukraine, and it will add necessary vigor and economic potential to Europe’s single market.


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