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Who we are

We are Ukraine. A Ukrainian Emergency Collective of enthusiastic crisis management and communications professionals united by one single purpose of ensuring that all people around the globe understand: today, the future of humankind is being decided in Ukraine.

We did not choose this. We wish we had peaceful and loving neighbors like some nations have.

But Russia happens to be a different kind of neighbor.

The problem with Russia is that it not only wants to take our freedom and destroy our democracy.

It denies our right to exist.

We want to live, and live peacefully. And not just now, always. 

As they say, in the question to be or not to be — there is only one answer.

We choose to be. Once and for all. 

We are a sovereign peace-loving nation that has committed the “crime” of wishing to be free and democratic and join the alliances that correspond to our values and our vision of the future.

Our determination to defend our people, to defend our land, to not let the light of truth vanish from existence is our only shield.

At the expense of our children’s lives, at the price of the unimaginable suffering Russia is imposing on us right now, the whole world is waking up to a brutal reality that makes no sense to operate in.

Since Russia has built the pretext of its invasion of Ukraine on a foundation of misinterpreting historical facts and obsessive lies, this resource is a repository of truthful information, facts, opinions of the Ukrainian and democratic world leaders, and links to various verified sources on Ukraine. 

What do we need from you?

First of all, we need you to know that if we fail, you will be next.

We need to know that you are with us. Turn your words into action.

Every small deed counts. Your every deed is our shield too.

When we are together, we are the impenetrable wall of shields that can not only defend Europe and the world but open new possibilities for everyone.

Our site is a repository of truth where you will find facts, numbers, thoughts on Ukraine’s contribution to freedom and lasting peace in the world. You can learn more about the Ukrainian nation in all its resilience, creativity, and influence, through both, tragic moments of our recent history as well as our moments of victory.

We are asking you to share the truth about what is happening. In doing so, you will be standing with Ukraine in its fight for its freedom and your own. Together we will ensure a lasting 21st century peace. 

You can share the facts and messages once or share a new one every day. You can share these on social media, use them in publications and any other forms of communication.

You can make a donation, boycott Russia, create a protest in support of Ukraine, welcome refugees, or help with Ukrainians’ struggle for freedom, dignity and democracy online.

What’s going on?

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with an ancient history dating back to the 9th century and the times of the Kyivan Rus. It is the birthplace of many global innovators and artists, but most importantly — it’s the homeland of a peaceful and deeply democratic nation which has already lost over 15 million people to wars and persecutions in 20-21 centuries. After facing hundreds of years of oppression with Ukrainian identity, language, and culture being ruthlessly uprooted by the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany, the Ukrainian nation has persevered and succeeded at securing independence — and we will not give it up. Resilience and dignity are a nationwide trait.

The war against Ukraine started not now, but in 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine, occupied the Crimean peninsula and part of the eastern regions of the country. Since then, Russia’s attack has cost us over 15 000 lives. 1.5 million of Ukrainians have had to flee their homes and settle in other parts of Ukraine.  European lives have also been lost — over 200 were killed in the shooting down by Russia of MH17. 

On February 24th, 2022, Russia launched an all-out military invasion of Ukraine by land, air, and sea, having accumulated over 170,000 troops on our borders in the north (Belarus), east, and south (Black Sea). It’s the biggest attack by one state against another in Europe since World War II. We are witnessing the destruction of an already fragile system of international security. At the time of this text being written, hundreds of Ukrainian civilians have become casualties of this war, including 16 innocent children. Over 500,000 mothers with children have had to flee the country. Make no mistake, this is a humanitarian catastrophe.

While residential areas all over Ukraine are being shelled and cluster bombed by Russia, and  Putin is putting their nuclear deterrent forces on high alert, the world needs to decide if we are forever condemned to tolerate Russia’s state sponsored terrorism and re-enact history’s tragedies.

Ukrainians will not allow the Russian behavior to go unpunished. We will not surrender. We will resist. We are resisting.

Each passing day adds more stories that Ukrainians will tell not only in the dark days ahead, but in the decades and generations to come. The president who refused to flee the capital, telling the US that he needs ammunition, not a ride; the soldiers from Snake Island who told a Russian warship to “go fuck yourself”; the civilians who tried to stop Russian tanks by sitting in their path and the people of the city of Berdyansk who sang the Ukrainian anthem and made the Russian invaders leave.

Not only Ukrainians are saving the world from Putin, we are consolidating the kind of environment in which the appearance of new “Putins” will be rendered impossible.

For Ukraine, victory means achieving lasting peace and the elimination of the constant existential threat from Russia, either through Ukraine’s accession to EU and NATO or through fundamental political changes to democracy in Russia itself. There will be no false reconciliations and no “imaginary peace” treaties.

Have do doubt — this war against Ukraine will shape the future of the entire world. 

If tyranny and aggression are allowed to win, everyone will suffer the consequences. 

This is no time for observation. It’s time to stand up.

The author is One Philosophy consulting group and IT-company Empat supported by volunteers. Since August 2022, We are Ukraine project has been implemented by civil society organization Resilient Ukraine. The portal uses information from official state web resources, Ukrainian Institute, Ukraine WOW exhibition,,, Ukraine Crisis Media Center and other reliable sources.

The portal is being updated. If you notice an error, please contact us at [email protected].