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How to Support Ukraine if You Are a Business

How to Support Ukraine if You Are a Business

Responsible business has a big role to play in motivating Russians to act in order to stop the criminal actions of their leadership. As we have seen from the early impact of sanctions and the actions of companies like Apple, Adidas, FIFA, Spotify and many others, the business community can be a powerful force for good.

Here is some advice on how to support Ukraine and increase pressure to stop Russian aggression.

Ban Russia

If you are a responsible business appalled by the Russian atrocities, the most effective way to make the statement is to stop any cooperation with the invader: divest, exit the Russian market, stop serving Russian customers, ban Russian companies from participation in your professional community and the global economy. Here is the letter you can send to leadership of the companies which have not yet left Russia using one of the images.

Be the voice of truth

Inform your customers and social media subscribers about the war in Ukraine and call on them to voice their support online, protest against the war and boycott Russia. Put up a banner, create a newsletter, record a video – disseminate the truth, and rally support for Ukraine! The more people are aware of what is going on in Ukraine, the sooner it will be able to defeat the aggressor.

Fundraise for Ukraine

You can offer your customers to buy a specific fundraising product or service, or donate funds to the charity organization that supports relief for Ukrainians. Here are some possible donation options for you to consider.    

Be Elon Musk

If your product or service can be useful to Ukraine in these difficult times, please supply it to the country as aid. Sports and tourist equipment, medicines and medical devices, housing and food supplies, toiletries and personal hygiene products, baby formula and baby care products are just some of the needs that have been voiced. If you produce digital products or services – consider providing them to Ukrainians free of charge.

Hire Ukrainians

You can provide additional income to gig workers from Ukraine, even if you are located across the globe. If you use freelance services – hire Ukrainians and support them with income in these difficult times. 

Campaign internally

If you are an employee, you can organize a grassroots campaign and lobby your senior management for decisive action. Here is a template of a letter you can send to your management. Mobilize your colleagues from Ukraine and around the world to send a similar letter as well. The more letters your leaders receive, the more likely they are to take action.

Every person, every business, every organization has a role to play in stopping this ruthless, unwarranted and unprovoked invasion that threatens peace in the whole world.

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