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How to Support Ukraine if You Are an Influencer or an Individual

How to Support Ukraine if You Are an Influencer or an Individual

Ukraine today is supported not only by political leaders, but also by famous scientists, artists, directors, musicians, writers, and other thought leaders. Whether you have millions of followers or a few hundred, use your voice to tell the truth and rally support for Ukraine.

On February 24th, 2022, over 170,000 Russian troops launched an all-out military invasion of Ukraine by land, air, and sea, the biggest attack by one state against another in Europe since World War II. At the time of this text being written, hundreds of civilian lives have already been lost. 

Ukrainians are literally dying for their independence. They do it fearlessly because they know what dignity is. Today, the whole world admires their courage and calls on the Russians to stop the aggression. The whole world is united around Ukraine. And we feel it like never before.

Here are just a few signs of support from opinion leaders across the world


Angelina Jolie  

Stephen King  

David Lynch   

Michael Douglas  

Arnold Schwarzenegger  

Penelope Cruz  

Greta Thunberg  

Sean Penn  

Miley Cyrus  

Your opinion, your voice matters like never before. Please speak up and engage your audience to support Ukraine. 

Speak up

Whether you have millions of followers or a few hundred — tell them the truth about the situation in Ukraine. Encourage your followers to share information about the war and ask their government for support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. 

Words matter. Pay special attention to how you talk about war

No generalized slogans such as ‘No war’. Be brave to call a spade a spade: Russia attacked Ukraine. Putin is killing Ukrainians right now. Russian people do not resist their dictator and therefore support him. Explain to your fans why it is so important to stand up for Ukraine. Tell them that the war in Ukraine is not just a fight for territory. This is an attack on the entire democracy. An attempt to prove that freedom can be seized by force and bloodshed.

How to speak up? 

Choose any format that is convenient for you: 

  • Choose a graphic from our depository and write some facts about Putin’s genocide against Ukrainian people. Use hashtags #StandWithUkraine #WeAreUkraine 
  • Write a post addressing the Russians who believe in Putin’s propaganda and fakes and urge them to open their eyes and stop him. 
  • Record a video message or share videos from news broadcasts from Ukraine.
  • Express your opinion as the main character of ‘The Office’ Michael Scott does.
  • Wear a Ukrainian flag. Print the flag to place it in the car, in your workplace, in your window, as an element of clothing — be creative in showing your support.

The frame can be optional, but the content is not.


If you want to help Ukraine, you can make a donation and ask your followers to do the same. Tell them about a volunteer organization you trust, it will make the task easier for them. You can find some options for donating to Ukraine here.

Spread the word

Contact your MPs, share information with other influencers and call them to action. Urge them to express their opinion about the war in Ukraine. Disseminate the truth, and rally support for Ukraine! The more people are aware of what is going on in Ukraine, the sooner it will be able to defeat the aggressor.


Stop buying and using any products or services from the Russian market, it will significantly shake the country’s economy. Do not let Russian products advertise with you — they fund Putin’s war. Check the barcodes and say NO to products whose barcodes start with 460, 461, 462, 464, 466, 467, 468, 469. You can use this app to scan barcodes and check the country of origin:



Protest against the war

Show your support for Ukraine by attending rallies in your city. Follow the link to find creative posters that can be used at protests.

Remember, there is no neutral position. Every minute of ignorance and disinterest is paid for with the lives of Ukrainian people.

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