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How You Can Help Ukraine Today

How to Donate

Russia's war in Ukraine has already claimed the lives of hundreds of peaceful Ukrainians, deprived thousands of homes, and forced hundreds of thousands of women and children to flee the war.

Help us to save precious human lives!

Here you can find information on how to financially support Ukraine, its army, medical facilities, refugees, etc.

Follow Trusted Media

The war in Ukraine has become the main topic in global media, but Russia has proven for years to be the masters of fake news and disinformation. This is another type of powerful weapon in the Russian arsenal. So please find here links to official Ukrainian government resources and a few media you can trust and be ready to check information.

How to Support Ukraine if You Are a Business

Responsible business has a big role to play in motivating Russians to act in order to stop the criminal actions of their leadership. As we have seen from the early impact of sanctions and the actions of companies like Apple, Adidas, FIFA, Spotify and many others, the business community can be a powerful force for good.

Here is some advice on how to support Ukraine and increase pressure to stop Russian aggression.

How to Support Ukraine if You Are an Influencer or an Individual

Ukraine today is supported not only by political leaders, but also by famous scientists, artists, directors, musicians, writers, and other thought leaders. Whether you have millions of followers or a few hundred, use your voice to tell the truth and rally support for Ukraine.