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“Ambassadors for Ukrainian music and culture”

“Ambassadors for Ukrainian music and culture”

The Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Satya Rhodes-Conway, decided to declare July 19, 2022, as Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha Day.

“Whereas DakhaBrakha have long called themselves “ambassadors of free Ukraine,” punctuating their shows with cries of “Stop Putin!” and “No war!” Now, they hear those demands reflected and amplified around the world; whereas DakhaBrakha, based in Kyiv, has served as ambassadors for Ukrainian music and culture, at once preserving and transforming them. The group gives the polyphonic harmonies of Ukrainian traditional songs a contemporary, internationalist makeover. Now, therefore, be it further resolved that I, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, on behalf of the residents of Madison, Wisconsin do hereby proclaim July 19, 2022, as DakhaBrakha Day,” said in the statement by the Madison mayor.

The band is going to perform in Madison on July 19, 2022.

“Right there, we had our first American performance many years ago. In honor of this, and as a sign of respect for the Ukrainian people fighting for their freedom, the mayor of this beautiful city decided to declare July 19 as DakhaBrakha Day. We’re moved to tears! By the way, you can celebrate wherever you are. Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!” said the band on Instagram.


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