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Antarctic scientist defends Ukraine at the front

Antarctic scientist defends Ukraine at the front

28th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign published the story about a scientist who came from Antarctica to defend his homeland. Senior Lieutenant Andrii Zotov, a veteran of the war in Donbas, took part in the fight against Russian aggression from 2014-2015. Before the full-scale invasion in 2022, he dedicated his life to scientific activities. As a marine biologist, Zotov studied aquatic environments both in Ukraine and abroad, in particular, as a participant in scientific expeditions at the Antarctic station of Academician Vernadsky.

“Previously, I participated three times in season research that lasted during the Antarctic summer (3-4 months). During this period, the ice recedes and allows us to study the marine environment. At the station, we studied how climate change affects the Antarctic ecosystem, which is the first one to react to these global challenges,” said Andrii. During one of these expeditions, Russians began a full-scale war against Ukraine. According to him, then the whole team was shocked and depressed. For some time, many even refused to believe what was happening. And later, he decided to return to Ukraine to defend it.

“I have passed on my research to other colleagues, agreed on my plans with the station’s management, and arranged with the captain of the Antarctic yacht to take me to Ushuaia, Argentina. There I reached Buenos Aires, flew across the ocean to Amsterdam, then to Warsaw, then to Warsaw Przemysl, and only then got to Lviv,” said the senior lieutenant. As a result of a long journey, Andrii Zotov still managed to get to Odessa and join the ranks of the 28th brigade. He is currently defending Ukraine as a company commander and assures that this war is incomparable to the war of 2014. “We will definitely win,” assured the defender.


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