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“Awards are nothing compared to human life”

“Awards are nothing compared to human life”

The famous Ukrainian judoka and World Champion Georgii Zantaraia sent a letter to the International Judo Federation (IJF) requesting to strip him of all the titles he received during his career.

“I wrote an official letter to the IJF with a request to strip me of all titles. I did not publish the letter on the Internet, but I have not yet received an answer from the federation. Someone can say that someone forced me, advised me. Listen, you can imagine what it means to give up everything I have won for 25 years? Only my inner feeling, the cry of my soul, and the desire to help my country can make me take such a step. If my medals in any way help to save even one life, I will be very grateful. Awards are nothing compared to human life,” Zantaraya said.

Earlier, Zantaraia condemned the IJF decision to allow Russian athletes to compete.

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