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Barcelona and Kyiv became twin cities

Barcelona and Kyiv became twin cities

Spanish city of Barcelona and Ukraine’s capital Kyiv became sister cities, the Mayor of Kyiv Vitalii Klychko announced.

Vitalii Klychko was in Barcelona on Saturday for the Catalan capital’s La Mercè festivities, where he met with mayor Ada Colau at the city council headquarters at Plaça Sant Jaume square to sign the formal agreement.

“I wouldn’t speak of a ‘conflict’ but rather an occupation that is unfair, cruel, contrary to international law, and that there are war crimes,” Colau said.

“We are fighting for values. The same values that Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and European cities have,” Klitschko said. “And we are fighting for the future of our homeland.”

According to Klychko, Kyiv will be a twin city in celebrating Barcelona’s birthday next year. Ukrainian culture and cuisine will be presented on the streets of Barcelona, ​​and events will be held with the participation of artists from Kyiv.


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