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Canadian principal teaches lessons to Ukrainian students

Canadian principal teaches lessons to Ukrainian students

Bayraktars, stingers, javelins — such support from other countries is very important now. But the support of the children provided by hundreds of foreigners is no less valuable for Ukraine. After all, children are about the future of Ukraine and the belief in victory.

One of such foreigners is David Falconer, the principal of the far north Canadian Inuksiut School. In early March 2022, he joined the online lessons by Smart Osvita, and now, he actively involves his colleagues from different parts of Canada and organizes virtual tours for young Ukrainians.

“I realized that their normal lives were ruined, most of them going through heavy losses: some lost their homes, some friends, neighbors, and some parents. In these circumstances, they need at least some stability, at least some adults not to leave them. I wanted to give them such confidence and to continue the lessons for as long as needed,” David Falconer said.

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