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“Conditions are like a concentration camp”

“Conditions are like a concentration camp”

The recently released Ukrainian paramedic Yulia ‘Tayra’ Paievska spoke about the time of her captivity and assured everyone that she would return to her regular work soon.

“I won’t be taking a selfie yet. Sorry. My weight is now about 50 kg. I’m too exhausted and look awful. But I’m being treated by the best doctors and I’ll be back soon,” said Tayra.

The paramedic praised the successful exchange effort, which she considers “undoubtedly a miracle of the Lord.” “What hurts me the most is the fate of the boys and girls sitting behind bars under enemy control – thinking there is no hope, and that Ukraine no longer exists as a country,” she added.

Tayra stressed the need to ensure that all prisoners are protected by the International Convention on Human Rights. “Because when we are there — we are completely powerless as slaves,” said the paramedic.

She noted that the Russians do not give prisoners any parcels sent to them, as well as any information about their families, and medical care is not available to them.

According to Tayra, the conditions resemble those of a concentration camp, and she would “not be very surprised to find herself in a gas chamber one day.”

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