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Constitution Day is celebrated in Ukraine on June 28, 2022

Constitution Day is celebrated in Ukraine on June 28, 2022

Today, Constitution Day is celebrated in Ukraine. The fundamental law of Ukraine was adopted on June 28, 1996, 5 years after Ukraine gained independence. Although the modern Ukrainian constitution is only 26 years old, Ukraine is home to one of the world’s first constitutions, which defined the foundations of the state system, forms of government, and delineated state borders — the Pylyp Orlyk’s Constitution of 1710. 

The current fundamental law provides for the inviolability of Ukraine’s sovereignty, inalienable right to life of every person, territorial indivisibility of Ukraine, and its security as the main value of the state. But now Russia is trying to take it all away from Ukraine. It deliberately attacks civilian objects, kills people, commits atrocities, and wipes out entire cities. 


Russia must be punished. 

We demand recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Here are some articles from the fundamental law, everyone should know about:

The full version of the Сonstitution of Ukraine

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