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“Crimea: History and People”

“Crimea: History and People”

The first online course in English on the history of Crimea and the indigenous people of Ukraine, the Crimean Tatars, was launched. The cycle “Crimea: History and People” was created to tell about the Crimean Tatar state, the Crimean Khanate, which existed for more than three centuries, and about the unique culture of the Crimean people and their long struggle for the right to return to their homeland.
The training is free and consists of 12 video lectures. To take the course, you need to register on the international educational platform Udemy. The history and culture of the Crimean Tatars are an integral part of both Ukrainian and global history, given the problems of indigenous peoples, political, military, and worldview challenges of today.

The online course “Crimea: History and People” was developed by the Ukrainian Institute and EdEra online education studio with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

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