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European countries expel dozens of Russian diplomats

European countries expel dozens of Russian diplomats

Italy, Denmark, and Sweden, on April 5, 2022, announced the expulsion of a total of 48 Russian diplomats amid growing concerns about pervasive espionage and outrage over Moscow’s aggression in Ukraine. Denmark announced it was expelling 15 Russian diplomats, with Jeppe Kofod, Foreign Minister, calling them “a threat to our national security.”

Italy expels 30 Russian diplomats. “The measure is in agreement with other European and Atlantic partners and necessary for reasons linked to our national security and in the context of the current crisis caused by the unjustified aggression against Ukraine on the part of the Russian Federation,” Foreign Minister of Italy Luigi Di Maio stated.

Sweden also announced the expulsion of 3 Russian diplomats from the country. The moves come after several other European countries, including France, Poland, Slovakia, and Germany, declared on April 4, 2022, that they would expel Russian diplomats.

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