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First Ukrainian business returns to Kherson

First Ukrainian business returns to Kherson

After the liberation of Kherson in early November 2022, Ukrainian bussinesses were quick to schedule the return of their operations in the city. Business owners and management immediately began targeting the demand for specific products, humanitarian aid, and opportunities to rebuild lives. The demonstration of unity in helping the city of Kherson and its residents return to a peaceful life after liberation has caused an emotional response online and in person.

We have collected only a few examples of some of the most famous businesses in Ukraine, which have already actively started their work in Kherson city.

On November 11, 2022, with a roar, a car horn sound, and a Ukrainian flag attached, an ATB truck drove into the liberated city of Kherson, bringing not just food to the regional center but also memories of a former life that the occupants wanted to take away from the city’s residents.

On November 12, 2022, the Nova Poshta group of companies purchased and delivered about 10 tons of products to Kherson. “Today, two full cars of food kits were delivered. Another 12 tons will arrive tomorrow: 8 tons of basic products from Nova Poshta, kits with household chemicals and hygiene items from Biosphere Corporation, water from IDS Ukraine,” the company’s Facebook message reads. They added that on November 14, 2022, the business would officially start its work in the local post departments.

An official message also appeared in the official application of the Uklon Ukrainian taxi service, congratulating the residents of Kherson and informing them that taxi operations have been resumed in the city.

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