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Global donors pledge €9.1 billion to support Ukrainian refugees

Global donors pledge €9.1 billion to support Ukrainian refugees

An international fundraising drive has generated billions of euros in pledges to support Ukraine. The event was intended to prompt political leaders and global celebrities to provide funding and other donations for the people of Ukraine.

Donors including the Canadian government and the European Commission on April 9, 2022, pledged a combined 9.1 billion euros in donations, loans, and grants to support Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war following Russia’s invasion.

“We stand by your side, be it now in the times of war, be it with the refugees, but most importantly after this war has been won by Ukraine, for the time for reconstruction and rebuilding the country,” President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said.

A Global Citizen-organized social media rally the day before and urged governments, institutions, corporations, and individuals to help fund humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and other regions of the world. Celebrities were being asked to use their social media accounts to publicize the effort, using the hashtag #StandUpForUkraine. Numerous world-famous actors and singers joined the initiative.

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