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Glovo launches a support program to rebuild the Ukrainian economy

Glovo launches a support program to rebuild the Ukrainian economy

During the war, having established a fast courier delivery service in 35 cities and launched new facilities on the platform, Glovo announced the launch of a program aimed at supporting the Ukrainian economy. Today, Glovo announced a long-term “Sustainability Programme for cities Glovo Acts” to support the Ukrainian economy and promote its further development.

Three main pillars form the foundation of Glovo Acts:
· The company supports local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing access to the platform and new customers and logistical support while waiving concession fees for all orders.
· Glovo helps the Ukrainian people rebuild their cities by helping them develop transport infrastructure such as parking spaces and promote road safety.
· The company expands its humanitarian support efforts through Glovo Access to help people in need and provides promo codes for free delivery to local charity projects and organizations.

“Despite the war, Ukraine remains an important and promising market for Glovo, in which we will continue to invest and develop… I admire the resilience and courage of Ukrainians and I am proud of our local team, which during these five tense months of war has donated over 25kg of food and some 50,000 essential goods to non-governmental organizations. I hope our program can help Ukrainians rebuild their economy. We plan to invest over 2 million hryvnias (almost 55,000$) for the first steps of the program,” says William Benthall, Global Director of Government Relations at Glovo.


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