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Holidays despite the war: Christmas trees in Ukrainian cities

Holidays despite the war: Christmas trees in Ukrainian cities

Despite the full-scale war and numerous attacks on the energy infrastructure, the Ukrainians do not allow the Russians to steal the spirit of Christmas from them. Christmas trees have already been installed in many Ukrainian cities. However, the Christmas trees of this year are unusual and have symbolic meanings this year.

In Kyiv, a symbolic ‘Christmas tree of invincibility’ was installed. The tree is decorated with energy-saving garlands powered by a generator and also with toys from past years — about one thousand blue and yellow balls and white doves.

In Kharkiv, due to safety measures, the main Christmas tree was installed in the subway. New Year’s events for children will also take place in the subway.

In Mykolaiv, a wartime Christmas tree was installed. It was decorated with camouflage nets created by volunteers. When the holidays are over, they will be sent to the soldiers fighting on the frontlines.

In Khmelnytskyi, a Christmas tree was installed on a Russian S-300 missile. The wreckage of the missile came from the Kharkiv region.

In Lviv, the amount of illumination on the Christmas tree was reduced to save electricity. Also, the Christmas tree was decorated with a stylized anti-tank hedgehog on the top.

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the ‘Christmas tree of victory’ was installed. It was decorated with 350 children’s drawings depicting coats of arms of liberated towns, angels, and patriotic slogans.

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