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How street artists around the world support Ukraine

How street artists around the world support Ukraine

While Russia continues its full-scale invasion on Ukraine street artists around the world are condemning Russia’s attack in their own way. Artists took their peaceful weapons to the streets and sprayed the walls with stunning, yet heart-wrenching murals to support Ukraine.
The cities in the United Kingdom, Sweden, USA, Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, and many more other countries have now turned into urban galleries that not only openly criticize and mock Putin but send support to the people of Ukraine and give hope to the world in turmoil.
Here are a few most touching examples that, although silently, speak louder than bombs:

Street art mural aimed to show the city of Kyiv reflected in a person’s tearful eye in Cardiff depicting Ukraine’s capital Kyiv under siege. It was painted by the artist ‘MyDogSighs’, who has become known for his designs showing reflections in people’s eyes. This powerful artwork gained huge popularity and spread on social media, so the artist has decided to publish it in a printed version, and to transfer all the proceeds from its sales to support Ukrainians.

Another piece of art “Pray for Ukraine” created by Steve Jenkins in Llanelli in the region Carmarthenshire in Wales after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mural showing two hands held together in the shape of a heart in the colours of the Ukrainian flag

A girl proudly wearing a crown of flowers walks over a line of tanks in Paris’ working-class 13th arrondissement. She is the creation of the street artist known as Seth, whose fresco appeared on rue Buot in April 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine. The author signs on his work of street art a message of encouragement to the strength of peace that crushes the force of war. On the wall, the yellow and blue Ukrainian flag waves in support of those suffering. Prints of the artwork, entitled “Onwards Ukraine,” have sold out at $55 a pop, with all profits donated to two non-profit organizations helping Ukrainians.

The powerful blue-yellow fresco mural by French street artist Kelu Abstract depicting a blindfolded man with an appeal to fight for your rights appeared in two French cities at the same time – Paris and Lille. It has already become one of the most photographed murals in the world.

A realism graffiti artist Roberto Seminario from city of Lima, Peru created a quick piece with lots of love to wish the peace.

This anonymous mural with a brave Ukrainian supergirl is painted in Przechodnia Street in Warsaw.

A mural stands in a destroyed valley, in the Syrian city of Binnish, where colors of the Ukrainian and Russian flags are presented as a silent protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, synthesizing the conflict on the fragment of an old wall. This is how Syrian artists show solidarity with Ukraine.

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