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“Let’s finish off Russian fascism now!”

“Let’s finish off Russian fascism now!”

“Fascist aesthetics are easily traceable in the promotion of the ‘Z’ symbol, in the organization of mass rallies, in the consolidation of the propaganda of war, and the incitement of hatred towards Ukraine and Ukrainians.

The theft of Ukrainian resources from the occupied territories and attempts to annex these territories testify that imperial and neocolonial-style thinking is a guiding principle in the Kremlin’s policy on the international stage.

We should not be deceived by Russia’s anti-fascist and anti-nazi rhetoric. It is just another manifestation of aggressive mimicry that got further, labeling Ukrainians as ‘neo-nazi’ in order to dehumanize them and make them a legitimate target for Russian soldiers.

Putin wants more territories, comparing himself to the 18th-century Russian tsar Peter. ‘It is also our lot to return,’ he said about newly independent countries claiming ‘basic values’ that ‘form the basis of [Russian] existence.’

My question is where will a regime proclaiming three centuries-old imperial ambitions as its ‘basic values,’ stop?


As Ukraine is bleeding fighting for its right to exist, there is no place for a dilemma of appeasement vs accountability.

Opting for appeasement would only put the darkest times ahead of us. Russia will stop at nothing in its invasion of Ukraine, using any pause to make newly occupied territories its strongholds and to gather more cannon fodder to renew its attack on Ukraine,” Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Sergiy Kyslytsya stated.

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