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Lithuania sent Bayraktar to Ukraine

Lithuania sent Bayraktar to Ukraine

The Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2 Vanagas (“Hawk” in Lithuanian), crowdfunded by Lithuanians, was sent to Ukraine.

“The first drone leaves Lithuania. The Lithuanian Army took care of all logistics, and the Ministry of Defense took care of procurement contracts and organized all legal formalities according to the requirements so that the drone with weapons could reach Ukraine,” said the Minister of Defense of Lithuania, Arvidas Anusauskas.

Lithuanian journalist and TV presenter Andrius Tapinas, who initiated the fundraising for the Bayraktar, said that the money collected for the UAV, which the manufacturer Bayraktar refused to take, will be spent on ammunition for TB2, anti-drone guns, reconnaissance drones, and aid to a Ukrainian hospital.

“Ten thousand people turned up to greet Lithuanian Bayraktar and to wish him good luck in the war. Our war drone ‘Vanagas’ is already en route to Ukraine,” Tapinas said on Twitter.

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