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London street to be renamed Kyiv Road

London street to be renamed Kyiv Road

The road, not far from the Russian embassy in London, is to be renamed Kyiv Road, as Westminster City Council announced.
Westminster City Council Leader Adam Hug said the request had come from the Ukrainian community and was a “fitting gesture” to mark the country’s bravery.

“Kyiv Road is a symbol of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and a tribute to their unwavering spirit in the face of aggression. It is a reminder that the struggle of Ukraine has the attention of the international community,” stated Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK.

The renaming in London became part of the Ukraine Street campaign which was launched as a reaction to Russia’s cynical attempts to threaten Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence. In response, Ukraine has bravely resisted, inspiring the world with its fight for democracy and freedom. As an act of solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are currently defending their independence in the unprovoked war started by Russia, cities all over the world have made a move to rename their streets to put Ukraine on their maps.

The project was initiatited by Be–it Agency of One Philosophy consulting group with support provided by the We Are Ukraine platform and DForce IT.


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