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Luxembourg to name the new national road ‘Boulevard de Kyiv’

Luxembourg to name the new national road ‘Boulevard de Kyiv’

The City of Luxembourg has announced its decision to name the new N3 / N40 national road “Boulevard de Kyiv.” Previously the local municipality announced that the new N3 would be known as the ‘Boulevard de Kiev,’ apparently promoting the Russian spelling instead of the Ukrainian one. Now, they’ve confirmed that it’ll be ‘Kyiv’ instead, as local media reported.

Commenting on its latest decision, the City of Luxembourg said that it recognized that the Ukrainian capital had been officially called “Kyiv,” since the independence of Ukraine in 1991. By opting for the Ukrainian spelling, the City of Luxembourg said it hoped to “send a strong sign of recognition and encouragement to the Ukrainian people.”

At the end of March 2022, the Ukraine Street campaign was launched in more than 50 cities around the globe, calling on local residents to support the renaming of streets with Russian embassies and consulates on Ukrainian streets. Everyone can join the initiative and contribute to the renaming of a street in honor of Ukraine in their city.


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