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Mariupol begs for help: people are dying of hunger

Mariupol begs for help: people are dying of hunger

The Mariupol City Council calls for rescuing people in Mariupol who are starting to die of starvation.

“We haven’t eaten for two days. Weakness. I don’t have the strength to walk out of the city. It’s good that there is little water,” terrible words that Mariupol residents hear more and more from their remaining relatives.

When for a minute or two there is at least some connection. More and more deaths from starvation. More and more people are left without any food supplies. And all attempts to launch a large-scale humanitarian operation to save the people of Mariupol are blocked by the Russian side.

Because the occupiers are not interested in people and their destinies. But only in a propaganda picture with the forced deportation of the population to the territory of Russia.”

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