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Military couple was killed at Azovstal steelworks

Military couple was killed at Azovstal steelworks

On International Family Day, Deputy Commander of Azov Regiment Sviatoslav Palamar spoke about the family of defenders: Vitalii and Alla Taran.

“They joined the Azov Regiment almost from the beginning. They worked in a kitchen first and then got official positions. Alla was a record manager, and Vitalii was a chief financial officer. They got married in Azov. Their family was born here and became bigger here. Their son was also born here in Mariupol,” Sviatoslav Palamar said.

“He was killed on April 15, 2022. And then, on May 8, 2022, an air bomb killed her. Their child became an orphan. Two Heroes died. A whole family was lost and there was nothing I could do… I, all the command, we are all fighting around the clock to save our military. This is a story only about one family, but you have to understand that the whole families pass away here,” the Azov Regiment Deputy Commander stressed.

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