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“Mykolaiv to be a new Copenhagen in future”

“Mykolaiv to be a new Copenhagen in future”

Denmark will rebuild the Ukrainian port city of Mykolaiv. The mayor of Mykolaiv plans to travel to Copenhagen to sign a memorandum with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs later in August this year. Based on this document, the Ukrainians, collaborating with the Danish authorities, will create a plan to restore the city.

Mykolaiv Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych told Danish TV 2 that Ukrainians see Denmark as the perfect cooperation partner. The Ukrainians have looked to the north for inspiration. “We see Mykolaiv as the ‘new Copenhagen’ in the future,” he says.

The mayor believes that in the future, the Ukrainian city and Denmark can cooperate on waste collection, recycling, disposal systems, and IT technologies.

He says he doesn’t need money but projects. As an example, he mentions the construction of an incineration plant, which can produce energy and heat but could be in the Danish hands.

“For Denmark, it is not just a waste of money, it is a business opportunity for you,” says Oleksandr Senkevych. “We see the development of Mykolaiv as a green city, so Denmark’s experiences will be significant.”

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