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No fly zone. Save children`s lives

No fly zone. Save children`s lives

Shelter sky over Ukraine by introducing the #NoFlyZone over the Ukrainian territory. For a nuclear disaster, Putin does not need to use nuclear missiles; it is enough to attack nuclear facilities in Ukraine. Russian troops have already captured the Chornobyl zone and dumped atomic waste. Now, the occupiers set the largest nuclear power plant in Europe (Energodar) on fire. Varas nuclear power plant is 200 km away from the EU border. We consider this as an act of nuclear terrorism.

Petition for protection of the sky over Ukraine and introduction of the #NoFlyZone gained more than a million supporters worldwide. The UN General Assembly demands that Russia withdraw it’s troops from Ukraine. Still, this demand lacks an implementation mechanism, so Russian missiles are continuing to destroy Ukrainian cities, kill Ukrainian civilians and endanger everyone in Europe.

A safe sky over Ukraine and a no-fly zone is a matter of global security and the way to prevent Chernobyl 2.0.

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