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Personnel partially rotated at Chornobyl NPP – Energoatom

Personnel partially rotated at Chornobyl NPP – Energoatom

On March 20, 2022, Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant’s personnel were partially rotated and the persons who had been staying within the plant’s site temporarily occupied by Russian troops were evacuated.

“Today a total of 64 persons have been evacuated: 50 Chornobyl NPP’s staff members, nine servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine (eight women and one cancer patient), one employee of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service and four stalkers,” the report states.

A total of 46 volunteers from among Chornobyl NPP’s staff members went to replace the evacuated personnel to perform their duties and ensure the plant’s operation.

The evacuated personnel have spent about 600 hours in the workplace, heroically performing their duties and maintaining the required safety level.

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