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Protect children, protect the future!

Protect children, protect the future!

Children are our future — and to make it bright, their lives must be happy and fulfilled. But the childhood of Ukrainian children was stolen…by Russia.

More than three months ago, Russia unleashed a full-scale war against Ukraine, and children are the most vulnerable victims of it. As of the 1st of June 2022, at least 243 children have been killed and 446 wounded because of the war, hundreds lost their parents and millions were displaced.

Due to Russian aggression, Ukrainian children grew up very quickly and learned what war is not from history books but saw it with their own eyes. Despite all the horrors of the war, children act like adults and try to help Ukraine as much as they can. Some give all their savings to the army, others donate their valuables to help those in need, and some draw pictures for the soldiers, inspiring them and thereby bringing the victory of Ukraine closer.

Today, on the 1st of June, Children’s Day is marked in Ukraine. This year, it is especially painful for all Ukrainians because Ukrainian children are suffering, and there’s a reason for that — the war unleashed by Russia. And the only way to protect Ukrainian children is to stop the war.

Help Ukraine defeat Russia!

Protect children, protect the future!

Here is the collection of children’s drawings about the war in Ukraine from the “Mom, I see war” project.

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