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Revolution of Dignity. The winter that changed us.

Revolution of Dignity. The winter that changed us.

The Revolution of Dignity, or Euromaidan as it’s also known, first began in November 2013 and lasted until February 2014. The sequence of events that came to define the revolution in the Ukrainian collective memory serve to this day as a reminder of the price Ukrainians have been paying for freedom for the past nine years. The revolution itself was a continuation of the historic Ukrainian tradition of resistance – and like previous examples of such in our history, it is marked with unity, resilience, hope, and martyrdom, with 107 having been killed in the revolution’s final weeks and subsequently remembered as the “Heavenly Hundred.” 

The Revolution of Dignity led Ukraine to unheard-of historical changes – namely, the ousting of the President-dictator Viktor Yanukovych and the resignation of his government, paid for by the lives of 107 people.  After the elections for a new government took place, Ukraine had chosen the European vector for development and became an associated member of the EU. Immediately following the revolution’s conclusion, Russia launched an  attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territory by occupying Crimea and commencing the war in Donbas. Ukraine’s resistance today is a continuation of the fight for the values of democracy and freedom that has been going on for eight years and counting. Ukrainians often call this revolution “the winter that changed us” – because it did. It changed us and paved the way for a free, democratic future. To describe the days of the revolution in detail is a difficult task, but we decided to present our audience with a collection of photos to illustrate the experiences of Ukrainians during the Revolution of Dignity.

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