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Russia forcibly deported nearly 40,000 Ukrainians

Russia forcibly deported nearly 40,000 Ukrainians

Russian invaders already ‘evacuated’ about 40,000 Ukrainians from Ukrainian war zones to the occupied areas or directly to Russia.

According to the Minister of Reintegration of the Occupied Territories, “Russia is creating alternative ‘humanitarian reality’ and trying to pave its own so-called ‘evacuation routes’ for Mariupol residents — to Russia. Expectedly, most citizens are unwilling to ‘flee’ to the aggressor’s territory. As a result, Russian troops are forcibly taking civilians deep into the occupied territories or to Russia. We are already talking about tens of thousands of Ukrainians forcibly resettled this way.”

The Minister said the aggressors have already resettled approximately 40,000 Ukrainians.

In addition, the occupiers were acting similarly in the temporarily occupied part of Kyiv region, trying to deport Ukrainians by force to Belarus. At the same time, the Russians were obstructing humanitarian evacuation efforts initiated by Ukraine.

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