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Russia uses up to 20 guided bombs in the front-line areas of Ukraine daily

Russia uses up to 20 guided bombs in the front-line areas of Ukraine daily

As Ukrainian Air Force Spokesman Yurii Ihnat said, Russian troops have resumed massive missile and aerial bombardment to destroy Western equipment and critical infrastructure in Ukraine, firing almost 20 guided bombs daily.

“To date, the enemy has resumed attacks following the tasks it sets before itself. The tasks are clear: they are looking for the most necessary [targets] for destruction. They are looking for Western equipment in order to strike exactly what our partners are providing to us today to conduct defensive and offensive operations. Of course, the priorities will always be critical infrastructure, there will always be objects of the fuel and energy sector of Ukraine because the life of the entire state and the provision of the army depend on this area,” Ihnat said.

“The use of guided bombs along the state border and along the line of combat is a daily problem. Every day, about 20 guided bombs fly into the front-line areas,” Ihnat said.
He stated that the bombs can travel 70 km and hit kindergartens, schools, and residential buildings. It is impossible to fight the bombs, so it is worth striking bomb carriers — Su-34s and Su-35s.

To confront the enemy, Ukraine needs long-range weapons because the S-300 air defense system and two Patriot divisions allow hitting enemy targets at a distance of 100-150 km. Such systems could drive Russian aircraft away from the borders, but there should be more of them.


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