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Russians burn Mariupol’s dead in mobile crematoria

Russians burn Mariupol’s dead in mobile crematoria

As Mariupol City Council informed, “The murderers are covering their tracks. Russian mobile crematoria have started operating in Mariupol. After widespread international recognition of the genocide in Bucha, the Russian leadership has ordered the destruction of any evidence of crimes by its army in Mariupol.

One week ago, cautious estimates put the death toll at 5,000. But given the size of the city, the catastrophic destruction there, the duration of the blockade and the fierce resistance, tens of thousands of civilians from Mariupol could have fallen victim to the occupiers.

That is why Russia is in no hurry to give the green light to the Turkish mission and other initiatives to save and fully evacuate Mariupol. In addition, all potential witnesses to the occupiers’ atrocities are being identified through screening camps and killed.”

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