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Sunseed ART project launched in Ukraine: Ukrainian wartime posters collection

Sunseed ART project launched in Ukraine: Ukrainian wartime posters collection

Sunseed ART project is launched in Ukraine. It is a platform created to support the activists among the talented Ukrainian artists as they dedicate all their time and talent to enable the Ukrainian victory and therefore deserve international aid and recognition. Sunseed ART opened its first exhibition of Ukrainian wartime posters created by Ukrainian artists during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on June 28, 2022. 

“For many years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has utilized its walls to communicate Ukraine’s messages of the day to foreign guests who visit the ministry using paintings, photography, sculpture, and other forms of art. We have decided that it’s time to exhibit Ukrainian wartime posters now,” Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said.

Minister added that the exhibition will remind international guests visiting the ministry of Ukraine’s defense from Russia’s full-scale invasion.

“The Ukrainian people’s rage became their art. And their art ingenuity became an everyday inspiration to Ukrainians at home and all people of free will around the world. Art is the language that today helps us grieve and communicate our losses and sacrifices to the world, it is the language that creates empathy and understanding of the values we defend, explains what we stand for, and pictures the future we want to build together,” Nataliia Popovych, investor and co-founder of the Sunseed ART platform, said.

Every poster of the Sunseed ART collection is an encounter with the experience and history of artists, who mostly stayed in Ukraine and worked there. 

“The stories of our artists are different: they are from different parts of Ukraine, some serve in the Armed Forces, some were under occupation, but in their works, they create powerful images that we want to sow like seeds around the world. Our platform aims to constantly replenish the collection and open to the world new names of talented Ukrainian artists, as well as to support them and Ukraine during this terrible war,” Olesya Drashkaba, co-founder of the platform, said.

All the posters can be purchased online. On the Sunseed ART website, you can buy poster layouts in A1 and A2 formats to download and print them out on your own.

Until victory day, 10% of profits will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Come Back Alive fund to support the Ukrainian army. 

Here are some posters you can purchase and thus spread Ukrainian art around the globe:


Shared Responsibility

Anastasia Krasilnikova


Sveta Grib


Maksym Palenko



Viktor Hrudakov

Russian “peace”

Andriy Yermolenko

Putin’s suicide

Maksym Palenko


Oleh Hryshchenko


Oleh Hryshchenko

Russian ballet

Anastasia Krasilnikova

Kateryna of Mariupol

Maksym Palenko

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