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Support Ukraine by changing the address of Russian embassies and consulates to “Ukraine Street”

Support Ukraine by changing the address of Russian embassies and consulates to “Ukraine Street”

On March 29, 2022, the people of 34 countries in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand are being urged to sign a petition to rename streets, which house the Russian Embassies and Consulates in their cities, to Ukraine Streets. This would be a symbolic act of support for the Ukrainian people, defending their independence in the war started by Russia.

The Ukraine Street campaign is calling on the whole world to make Ukraine a part of its capital cities and they see this initiative as a very powerful way to respond to Russia’s attempts to effectively cancel Ukraine and Ukrainian culture. 

The project seeks to build a global coalition based on the work that has already been undertaken in several countries. For example, Albania has renamed part of the street housing the Russian Embassy to Free Ukraine Street, Lithuania has renamed the relevant street to Ukrainian Heroes Street, Latvia changed the street to Independent Ukraine Street, and Norway changed the name of the square in front of the Russian Embassy to Ukrainian Square. Last week, Toronto, Canada joined European partners by unveiling “Free Ukraine” signs along the front of the Russian Consulate on St. Clair Avenue. This area will now be called “Free Ukraine Square” on an honorary basis. Meanwhile, residents of Athens, Washington and Lisbon have also approached local councils with the idea of renaming.

As Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine says, “Forcing Russian embassies around the globe to be located on Ukraine Streets is part of our worldwide effort to isolate Russia and deputinize the world. Russians will have to literally read the name ‘Ukraine’ everywhere and anytime. A daily reminder that Ukraine is a sovereign state which will prevail and which will always exist, no matter how hard Russia tries to deny our right to exist.”

The campaign website contains links to petitions to rename the streets with the aggressor state’s embassies and consulates in 53 cities in 34 countries worldwide. The list will be extended further as the campaign develops. 

Supporters from all over the world can join the campaign as follows:

  1. Find a link to an existing petition for their city on and sign it. Or request organizers to create a new petition if the city is not yet on the list.
  2. Share the petition with friends and the local community.
  3. Appeal directly to their municipality and local deputies to rename the street.


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The project is initiated by Be–it Agency, part of One Philosophy consulting group within the We Are Ukraine platform, and supported by DForce IT company.

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