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Survived the Nazis, will survive the Russians

Survived the Nazis, will survive the Russians

Residents of Kyiv use sandbags and protective scaffolding as they anticipate possible Russian attacks.

Volunteers and local public utilities fortify cultural heritage sites, among them the monuments to Prince Volodymyr and Princess Olga, which have great value for Kyivans.

“Saint Volodymyr Hill is a sacred place for all Kyivans. The monument to Prince Volodymyr survived the Germans, I think it will survive the Russians,” Kyiv resident Vasyl said in an interview with “Novoie Vremia”.

Volodymyr the Great was one of the most prominent Princes in the history of Kyivan Rus. The monument to him was built in 1853. A monument to Princess Olga, the 10th-century ruler of Kyivan Rus who was later proclaimed a saint, was built in 1911 but later destroyed by Soviet rule. It was totally renovated in independent Ukraine, in 1996.

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