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The aggressor must be punished, not funded

The aggressor must be punished, not funded

It has been 14 days since Russia launched a bloody war against Ukraine. During this time, Ukraine has lost not only thousands of its military but also hundreds of civilians. Russia attacks schools, hospitals, and maternity hospitals from the air, and fires on civilians as they move through humanitarian corridors.

From February 24, 2022, to March 8, 2022, the number of victims in Ukraine is 1335 civilians, including 474 killed and 861 injured. As of noon on March 8, 2022, 41 children were killed and 76 more were injured in territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. Evidence of Russia’s war crimes is growing every day, and the International Criminal Court has already begun investigating the crimes.

In addition, the world community is actively imposing economic sanctions against the aggressor state. But not only governments but also businesses must fight a state that commits war crimes and encroaches on the sovereignty of an independent state. Every tax penny that international companies pay to the Russian budget costs Ukrainians lives. This money is spent on weaponizing the Russian army, which attacks both the Ukrainian military and civilians. We ask every conscious business to stop cooperation with Russia as well as immediately divest all Russian equities and debt and terminate contracts with Russian companies.

Remember that remaining neutral and silent is a sign of support for the Russian aggressive regime and allows Russian tyranny to spread around the world. It’s time to act!

Here is the letter you can send to leadership of the companies which have not yet left Russia using one of the images.

#StopBusinessInrussia #StopFundingTheWar

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