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“The further away you are from Russia, the less real the war seems to you.”

“The further away you are from Russia, the less real the war seems to you.”

Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas urged to support Ukraine during her speech on the occasion of The European Prize for Political Culture in Switzerland.

“We have the biggest aggression in Europe in decades at our doorstep. And, of course, this has a price for us all. I agree with those who call inflation a ‘war tax.’ It’s the price we’re paying for not having the war on our soil. Unlike Ukrainians, we are paying this price in euros and Swiss francs, not countless human lives and destroyed buildings, Kallas said.

“Raising awareness must also continue in Europe. Despite saying ‘Never Again,’ here we are again, faced with a destructive and genocidal war fuelled by imperialist nostalgia. How did we get here?” she said.

According to Kaja Kallas, the political reaction to Russia’s aggression has been strong. But it is not enough if a legal reaction doesn’t follow. “The international rules-based order was created to have stability in inter-state relations, to prevent countries from invading their neighbors at will and committing mass atrocities. But if it doesn’t deliver accountability for war criminals and justice for victims, then, who is it really for? Impunity is exactly what Putin is counting on,” she emphasized.


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