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“The longer we wait, the more deaths there will be”

“The longer we wait, the more deaths there will be”

The spokesperson for the Ukrainian military international legion on June 13, 2022, derided a “sense of complacency” among Ukraine’s military patrons saying that the country needed far more support if it is to defeat Russia’s invasion. — CNN reported.

“There’s a certain sense of complacency that seems to have fallen over our western partners — that the arms deliveries that Ukraine has been already provided with are somehow enough to win the war,” said Damien Magrou, spokesperson for the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine, during a press conference.

“They are not! They do not come near anything that would be close to enabling us to defeat the Russians on the battlefield.” Magrou said that Ukraine’s long-range artillery capability was severely lacking.

“Please keep sending heavy artillery, heavy weapon systems, long-distance rockets, anti-ship rockets. All of these things are needed today on the battlefield. They also were needed yesterday. The longer we wait, the more deaths there will be. And these deaths will be not only of Ukrainian armed forces but also our legioners,” he added.

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