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The Netherlands will donate 2,000 bicycles to Ukraine

The Netherlands will donate 2,000 bicycles to Ukraine

Dutch Stichting Zeilen Van Vrijheid (the Sails of Freedom Foundation) will hand over 2,000 bikes to Ukraine. The Amsterdam city bike depot intends to gift these cycles to this nonprofit organization, Dutch media report.

This Stichting Zeilen Van Vrijheid delivers emergency vehicles, medical supplies, and equipment to Ukraine. The foundation has donated over 75 ambulances, 80 tonnes of medical supplies, and 12 support vehicles so far, but the ongoing war has left Ukraine with a severe fuel crisis.

Medical workers and volunteers have an almost impossible task of helping people when they lack the transport to reach them, Dutchreview reports. Founder of organization Veronika Mutsei first realized the importance of bikes when she was met with ambulances full of supplies and no fuel to take them anywhere.

And so, the project seeks to distribute the collected bicycles to areas where they are needed the most. It will ensure that medicine, food, and basic supplies can reach people, even without fuel.


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