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The Theory of Protection installation at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit

The Theory of Protection installation at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit

The Theory of Protection art installation by Daria Koltsova, the Ukrainian artist, is displayed at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, an annual high-level event dedicated to the presentation of the annual Democracy Perception Index and discussions on how to strengthen democracy globally. The art installation is organized by the activists of the Association of Ukrainians in Denmark and sponsored by Bevar Ukraine and the Alliance of Democracies. It will be available for viewing at The Royal Danish Playhouse until June 25, 2022.

The Summit in 2022 is taking place on the 105th day of the Russia Ukraine war – a war that started a few centuries and 8 years ago. The Theory of Protection project is asking for solidarity with Ukrainians who have had to shield their windows from Russian shelling since 2014. The tapes arranged in beautiful patterns can save lives. The patterns remind us how fragile our homes and lives are, how fragile democracy worldwide is, how many joint efforts and connecting of people, of the dots, of the stripes and of the actions together it takes to make the world resilient to dangers of unfreedom and authoritarianism.

The Theory of Protection art installation is created by Daria Koltsova, a Ukrainain artist from Kharkiv. Her artistic work, which includes installations, performances and videos, brings together political and personal dimensions. Moving away from an attempt at realistic representation, she gives form to new images, sometimes derived from historical or iconographic research. Since the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the war in Donbas in 2014, she has been working on the effects of war and questioning the possibilities of protections and resiliencies.

After the beginning of the so-called “ active phase of the war” started this year we all felt the ultimate fragility of any guarantees and any stability. And I proposed all my artistic support to tape windows as a simple but visible sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people fighting every day for a democratic free and happy country. More than 250 diplomatic and cultural institutions joined the art action on 5 continents. Manifesting that’s not a Ukrainian war anymore. It’s a war for democracy and democratic values all over the world. The war between past and future. Unfortunately, art itself can’t stop the war, but people can. We all can, step by step”, commented Daria (more details).

It is symbolic that the putting up of the art installation as part of the Summit was organized by the activists of the Association of Ukrainians in Denmark. “Ukrainians abroad share the same wounds Ukrainians feel at home and are now on the mission to do anything and everything possible to help Ukraine win, to provide it with protection to the best of their abilities. As their relatives and friends are fighting on the actual battlefields, via cultural diplomacy the Ukrainian diasporas build international solidarity that adds to the Ukrainian resilience. Together we can protect Ukraine. Together we can protect democracy”, highlighted Nataliya Popovych, founder of One Philosophy and co-founder of ‘We Are Ukraine’ platform, who has initiated and coordinated the art installation.

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