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“Tolkien would approve”

“Tolkien would approve”

Lithuanians will hand over 110 anti-drone rifles to Ukraine. “We have just purchased and will send 110 powerful anti-drone rifles EDM4S Sky Wipers made in Lithuania as soon as possible. The price is €1.5 million. The rifles will be distributed among 35 military units in Ukraine. And we named them: Oркрист — “Убивця орків” ( “Orcrist — the Ork Slayer”). Tolkien would approve,” Lithuanian journalist and TV presenter Andrius Tapinas said on Twitter.

The name was chosen not by chance. Many Ukrainians call the Russian invaders orcs.

It was Tapinas who initiated the raise of €5 million for the Bayraktar drone for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Later, Turkey decided to give Bayraktar to Lithuania for free, so Lithuanians used that money for different military purposes in Ukraine.


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