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“Ukraine is cost-efficient for building tech firms”

“Ukraine is cost-efficient for building tech firms”

Head of Investor Relations of Headway startup Oleksandr Yaroshenko answered the question in an article for TechCrunch. There are 6 reasons to invest in Ukrainian startups:

  • Resilience or ability to withstand the crisis they have shown since the Russian invasion.
  • They are still taking on staff to support their business and help the Ukrainian economy. Moreover, they have full support from the government because of the enormous impact on the country’s GDP.
  • Ukraine is one of the most popular centers for IT development. Jiji, Taimi, Reface, MacPaw, and other IT leader companies come from Ukraine.
  • Ukrainians want to do business in their own country and have prospects for post-war development.
  • Ukraine is the best place for doing tech business due to the economic tax regime for IT companies and the cost of living.
  • The world shows full solidarity with Ukraine and provides necessary resources for the country’s economic rebound, so companies will have more potential for thriving.

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