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Ukraine marks the National Volunteer Fighter Day

Ukraine marks the National Volunteer Fighter Day

On March 14, Ukraine marks the National Volunteer Fighter Day. Historically, on this day in 2014, the first 500 volunteer fighters of the Maidan Self-Defense Volunteers arrived at the Novi Petrivtsi training ground near Kyiv. They formed the first volunteer battalion and went on to eastern Ukraine to fight Russian aggression. Volunteers were among the first who defended the country. They serve at the call of their hearts, consciously choosing their path to defend their state every day.

Together with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they managed to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression at the cost of their own health and lives by mobilising forces in the rear, arming the army and joining the fighting themselves.

With the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the number of volunteers in the country has increased by the thousands. Ukrainian military bases were filled with queues of volunteers, ready to defend the country from the first days of full-scale war.

The ranks of volunteers were replenished daily by Ukrainians returning from abroad. The International Legion of Territorial Defense was formed in Ukraine for foreigners with experience in military affairs and participation in peacekeeping missions, as on the first days of the Russian full-scale invasion, people from more than 50 countries showed readiness to join the Ukrainian army.

We admire you! We are proud to have you standing with us! You are our rear and defense today!

Glory to Heroes!

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