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Ukraine marks Vyshyvanka Day

Ukraine marks Vyshyvanka Day

Every third Thursday of May, International Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated. On this day, Ukrainians and people worldwide salute ethnic embroidered Ukrainian clothes — Vyshyvanka. The holiday aims at popularizing ethnic embroidered clothing and honoring Ukrainian traditions. It is easy to join the celebration of Vyshyvanka Day. You just need to come to work or a place of study in a Ukrainian embroidered shirt.

Vyshyvanka has a sacred meaning for Ukrainians. It is believed that it protects the wearer against curses and evil spirits.

Each region of Ukraine has its own embroidery technique, details, and themes for ornament and traditional embroidery colors. In total, there are about two hundred different embroidery techniques in Ukraine. Moreover, colors and their combinations also have a coded meaning.

Vyshyvanka has long been part of the usual outfit of Ukrainians and not only them. Celebrities and politicians worldwide love to wear Ukrainian national embroidered clothes.

Ukrainians are proud to have such a beautiful and meaningful national costume that became one of the symbols of Ukraine’s resistance and freedom in the world.

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