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Ukraine presented its situational awareness system at the NATO Tide Sprint event

Ukraine presented its situational awareness system at the NATO Tide Sprint event

Officers of the Center for Innovation and Development of Defense Technologies of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, together with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov, presented the Ukrainian situational awareness system Delta at the NATO Tide Sprint 2022.

Tide Sprint is one of NATO’s key events, where experts, scientists, and developers from more than 30 countries exchange experience and opportunities for adapting the Alliance to technological changes.

Ukrainian participants were invited to share their experience of using digital solutions, drones, and brand-new C4I software that gave them an advantage on the battlefield during the war with Russia. In particular, the updated version of the situational awareness system Delta was presented. According to the developers, few Alliance member states have their own products of such quality, and they are only in the progress of creating their analogs of the program.

Delta is a cloud solution already implementing NATO standards and the latest industry trends, such as a cloud native environment, zero-trust security and multi-domain operations, said another Delta developer Major Serhii Halchynskyi. He noted that other Tide Sprint participants talked about architectural approaches and state-of-the-art solutions already in use at Delta or in the final stages of implementation. “We clearly understand that the formula for success is interoperable processes, people and technology, innovators in their environments, which contribute to moving forward,” Serhii added.

According to the developers, Delta provides a comprehensive understanding of the battle space in real time, integrates information about the enemy from various sensors and sources, including the intelligence, on a digital map. Delta does not require additional settings and can work on any device – on a laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.

The Delta tool and services are built according to NATO standards, so the system is compatible with similar solutions used by the armies of the Alliance member countries. That is why there was increased interest in the Ukrainian delegation on behalf of the other NATO Tide Sprint participants, Ukrainian officials noted.


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