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Ukrainian border guards met the Bethlehem flame of peace

Ukrainian border guards met the Bethlehem flame of peace

The traditional transfer of the hallowed Flame of Peace from Bethlehem occurred at the “Malyy Berezny” checkpoint. Candles and lamps were ignited directly at the state boundary from the fire transported by scouts from Vienna to the Slovakian checkpoint “Ublja.” On Ukraine’s territory, they were met by Ukrainian Plast members. The commander and military chaplain of the Chop border guard detachment attended the event.

“This year, we were very excited about the arrival of the Bethlehem Flame in Ukraine. It brings us tremendous joy and pride to contribute to the expansion of the sacred fire on our land. We sincerely believe that it will bring peace and God’s blessing to our country,” said Yuriy Bezkostiuk, deputy head of the detachment.

After greetings and traditional songs, Ukrainian Plast members carried the Bethlehem Fire through the territory of Ukraine. The military chaplain of the detachment delivered the holy flame to the chapel of St. Spyridon of Trimython, from where it will be distributed to the border guard units.


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